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Banking Built for Doctors,
by Doctors

Whether you’re scheduling residency interviews, trying to buy a house during training, or looking for ways to fund your practice, Panacea Financial was founded by doctors to remove our unique financial hurdles and allow us to better serve our communities.

Accessible Funding for Trainees and Physicians

Personal loans to medical students, residents, fellows, and attending physicians when you need it most at one low, fixed rate, with no fees and no cosigner required.

Fast Decisions & Funding in as Little as 24 Hours

We’ve removed the unnecessary steps – making loan funding decisions and distributing the funds in as little as 24 hours.

Customer Service That Puts Our Customer First

You work around the clock, so do we. Our customer service is available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week.


At Panacea Financial we believe it is our responsibility and our business to make medicine better

Our nation’s physician workforce plays a pivotal role in population health, economic mobility, and educational outcomes. By making our medical community more diverse we can better address systemic inequities.
We are committed to diversifying our physician workforce through scholarships and grants to underrepresented minority medical trainees as well as funding likeminded organizations.
This is part of our mission, this is who we are. We will make medicine better.
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Why Us

Greater Access, Freedom and Ability to Serve

Panacea Financial provides flexible and affordable loan and checking/savings options without the typical roadblocks.
Our specialized suite of financial products give medical students, residents, and practicing physicians greater freedom to forge their futures.
By reducing financial barriers and burdens, we ensure that all doctors have increased capacity to serve their patients and the population at large.
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We Make it Easier to Pursue Your Passions

Medical students, residents and practicing physicians each occupy a unique financial space: despite the opportunity for success, roadblocks like inadequate cash flow, loan debt, and huge upfront costs limit access. So we’ve built a financial company entirely for physicians – tailoring our financial approach and products specifically for you.

No one should borrow more than they need but the reality is medical training and practice isn’t getting cheaper and finding a way to pay for it isn’t getting easier.
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Medical Students

We help students become doctors with easy financing to cover life events, credit card bills, residency relocation, and more.

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Residents & Fellows

No matter where you are in your residency or fellowship, we can help you with your current financial needs and more effectively transition into practice.

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Practicing Physicians

Whether you’re preparing for ownership, planning for growth, or looking for a home mortgage or debt refinancing, we make it easier and simpler for you.

About Us

Today’s Financial Companies Are in the Way. We’re Going to Change That.

Born of the shared pain and experiences of our founders, Panacea Financial was created by doctors for doctors. We’re dedicated to making financing simpler to understand and easier to access.
Having personally felt the financial strain of being an early-stage medical professional while navigating the complexities of finding fair financing, we’ve designed products and services to address the needs of a market otherwise overlooked by the financial services industry.
In doing so, we hope to help level the playing field by removing one of the greatest barriers to entry — affordability — making medical school and the medical profession more accessible to all
Articles & Insights

Resources for Students & Physicians

Finding the time to research and understand your financial options can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled some helpful resources to guide you to making well-informed financial decisions.

Here’s to better financial solutions for MDs & DOs

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