Follow This Three-Step Process to Obtain Your Loan Payoff Statement

Reviewing student loan payoff statement

How do I find my student loan servicer?

Your new refinancer will need to know all of your current student loans and have a payoff statement from each of your student loan servicers. 

If you have publicly held loans, you can go to, and click on “View Details” under the My Aid section of your Account Dashboard to find your current servicer. 

Privately serviced loans do not appear on, so you will need to look elsewhere to find out to who you have been making payments. If you have set up auto-pay you can check your bank statements, alternatively look for contact information on the monthly statements your servicer has sent you.

Make note of these servicers, as these are who you will be contacting to obtain the loan payoff statement.

What is in a loan payoff statement?

Your loan payoff amount is just one part of what your new servicer needs. In total, they need the following, in the form of a loan payoff statement:

  • 10-day payoff amount (Your servicer may default to 15 or 30 days, which is acceptable. This is a regulatory and paperwork delay. Click here for more.)
  • Your account number, or numbers
  • All individual loans and their payoff amounts
  • Instructions about how to pay off your current servicer

Your current servicer has this data, and is obligated to give it to you upon request. 

Requesting this information will not change any aspect of your current loan, including your payment plan, IDR, or PSLF eligibility. Most lenders require a phone call, and you may have to be insistent. You can also request that this letter is sent to you electronically (by e-mail or online messaging portal), so you will not have to wait for one to arrive in the mail.

How do I obtain a loan payoff statement?

We’ve compiled a list of the most common public and private student loan servicers, as well as everything we know about the best way to get a loan payoff statement from them. Most require a phone call. 

Federal loan servicers

  • AES—Watch the video below or call (800) 233-0557 to receive your payoff statement.
  • Cornerstone—Cornerstone transferred it’s loan portfolio to FedLoan Servicing in October 2020. Please contact FedLoan for more information on your loan if it was previously held by Cornerstone.
  • Fedloan Servicing (PHEAA)—Watch the video below or call (800) 699-2908 and they will email you a payoff statement.  
  • Granite State (GSMR)—Call (888) 556-0022 (if your account number begins with F8); or (800) 719-0708 (if your account begins with C7). 
  • Great Lakes Educational Loan Services—Call (800) 236-4300 and request a payoff statement. 
  • Edfinancial/HESC—Call (855) 337-6884 to request a payoff I’m statement. You can find the amount by selecting “Make a Payment” from the “Home” page of MMA. Click on “Payoff Quote” under the “Payment Amount” field. Please select 10 days in the future.
  • MOHELA—Call (888) 866-4352 to request your payoff statement. You can find your 10-day payoff amount by logging in to your account, selecting “Payoff Calculator” under “Payment Assistance.” Choose “mail” for your payoff method, and set a payoff date 10 days in the future.
  • Navient—Watch the video below or call (800) 722-1300 if you have Department of Education Loans, or (888) 272-5543 if you have FFELP loans, and request a payoff statement. If you have a federal loan, you can find your 10-day payoff amount in the Loan Payoff Calculations section. Choose “Tools & Requests,” then “Interest Accrual Estimator.” Add this accrual estimate to your current loan balance, and this is your 10-day payoff amount. 
  • Nelnet—Call (888) 486-4722 and request your payoff statement. You can also request your payoff amount through your account. In the Payment Amount section, select Payoff Quote. 
  • OSLA Servicing—Please login to your account to find contact information. Call this servicer for your payoff amount.
  • ECSI—Call this servicer at (866) 313-3797 to receive your payoff statement.

Private student loan servicers

  • Sallie Mae—Call 800-4-SALLIE for your final payoff statement.
  • SoFi—You can request your payoff amount through your online account at 
  • Earnest—Email or call their service line. 
  • Citizens Bank—Call (866) 259-3767 to receive your payoff statement.
  • CommonBond—These loans are serviced by Firstmark, so you will need to call (888) 538-7378 to receive your payoff statement.
  • Discover Private Student Loans—Call (800) 788-3368 to receive your payoff statement.
  • Firstmark—Watch the video below or call (888) 538-7378 to receive your payoff statement.

At Panacea Financial, we understand the challenges of dealing with student loans servicers. That’s why we’re here to help. When you bank with us, you’ll have your very own Primary Care Banker who will help you through this process and answer any questions you have. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time with questions!

Learn more about refinancing your loans with Panacea here.

Ned Palmer, MD MPH is the Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Panacea Financial, and a practicing physician in Boston. He is also working as a hospitalist at Boston Children’s Hospital and is on faculty at Harvard Medical School.

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