Attending Physicians

Furthering your financial & career ambitions.

Financial Freedom for Physicians

Give your financial life the same standard of care you provide your patients.

With so little available time, how do you actually do that — and do it right?

As a physician, you need specific solutions. You need access to products fast. And above all, you need a team who understands what it’s like to be in your shoes, people you can trust.

At Panacea Financial, we unite financial expertise with the hands-on perspective of practicing physicians. Our team knows what it’s like to be in your position, because we’ve been there ourselves.

And we understand where you’re headed, because we’re going in the same direction.

Comprehensive Solutions: By Doctors, For Doctors

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But as you reap the rewards of your work, it’s essential to continue pressing forward by asking the right questions:

  • Am I where I want to be?
  • What’s next for me (and my family)?
  • How do we get there?

Whether you already have some strategies in place or are new to the financial world, we have the background and expertise to help you get where you want to go. When you bank with Panacea Financial, you’ll be partnered with a Primary Care Banker that helps you manage your financial health – in both your professional practice and personal life.

Together, we will determine the best solutions that promote your financial freedom today, tomorrow, and throughout the future.

Consider Us Your On-Call Solution

We’re devoted to strengthening and sustaining the total health of your financial life.

So whether you’re preparing to buy into a practice, planning for growth, or are looking for a home mortgage, we have you covered.

Our commitment to your financial wellness includes helping with:

  • Licensing, relocation, and life event expenses
  • Analyzing & financing ways to join or start a practice
  • Debt refinancing
  • Paying your student loan
  • Purchasing a home
  • Managing insurance
  • And much more

24 hours a day, 7 days a week: we’re here for you.

Financial Services for the Medical Community

Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom, while protecting your valuable time and increasing access and opportunity along the way. See how we help:

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